Make A Referral

Children are referred by hospitals, physicians and social workers. The Trustees will review the referrals and select the children who will benefit the most from a wish.

Any critically ill child up to his 18th birthday who’s family is in financial need. The child must not have been a recipient of The Carlito’s Wish Foundation or any other wish granting organization.
Any child who meets the following criteria:
1. Suffers from a chronic or life-threatening illness to his/her 18th birthday.
2. Has not been a recipient of a wish from CWF or similar organization in the past five (5) years.
3. Belongs to a family in financial need (deprived socio-economic conditions).

The Carlito’s Wish Foundation will grant the following wishes:
1. Trips: Amusement parks and sightseeing, etc.
2. Tangible Items: Computer, games, bicycles, toys, televisions & radios.
3. Celebrity Wishes & Sports Stars
4. Events: Birthday party, concerts, etc.
Certain wishes exceed what CWF can realistically provide; examples of these are:
1. Financial assistance, including but not limited to housing, medical assistance, education or employment.
2. Visas or Residency Cards.
3. Motorized Vehicles, etc.
The recipients will be chosen from referrals by hospitals, physicians and/or social workers. CWF will review the referrals and select the children who would benefit the most from a wish.
Referrals will be determined by each hospital, physician or social worker under its own policies. However, said policies shall not conflict with the policies of CWF. The hospital, physician or social worker must obtain the family’s approval to make a referral and provide CWF with the necessary information about the referred child.
It is suggested that the child select three choices in order to have alternatives and avoid disappointments. As part of the selection process, CWF reserves the right to contact the child along with his/her parent or guardian.
For questions regarding the referral process, please contact us via 87-Carlito/