Each year the Carlito's Wish Foundation shares its wishes with so many supports we consider to be friends and have become family throughout the years.  The membership wanted to offer a note of "THANKS" for your continued support in our efforts to put smiles on the faces of children suffering from life threatening illnesses from families in need.

Platinum Donors
Mr. & Mrs. David Sullivan
Gold  Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Horacio Clark
Mr. & Mrs. James Riley
Mr. & Mrs. William Dudley
Eli R. Roach
Alberto & Maritza Cornejo
Mr & Mrs. Enrique Loney
Mr. & Mrs. Humberto Hutchinson
Ernesto R. Scott
Ruperto R. Bailey
Pauline Farrell
Mr. & Mrs. Elwin Maitland
Evelia Hinds
James & Lillian Ottley
Celia Pascal-Waddy
Elsie Alvarez
Dilcia McLenan Brent
Ms. Myra A. Msibi
Mr. & Mrs. Basilio Brathwaite 

Silver Donors
Joyce H. Bailey
Jeanette Parkins
Dubois W. Andrews
Derla Brown Libby
Elicia G. Hunter
Alice Johnson
Denise N. Cockburn
Elsa Sanchez-Sullivan
Iris Pilgrim
Carmen A Shirley
Gloria A. Madison
Esther Y Moulton
Melida Y Evans
Elvia Morris
Helene D'Alessandro
Juana Brown
Ana Gale
Perla A. Beckford
Elsa McKenzie
Lindia M. Creighton
Pamela Beckles
Patricia A Wright
Carla Richards
Debora L. Hunte
Louis S Emanuel
Mr. & Mrs. Clemente Forbes
Marva Robinson
Dorothy Small
Ms. Juanita D. Mullins
Johny & Kay Niles
Edna V. Jefferson
Yolanda C. Kidd
Rosendo & Linda Darkins
Dacia L. McKenzie
Veronica Archibold
Kenneth O Davis
Sonia Ford
Claudette F. McClean
Maritza Clarke
Cecilia McKinnon McKay
K. Boyce
Juana Kentish

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