Each year, The Carlito's Wish Foundation grants wishes thanks to so many supporters like you who we consider to be friends and have become family throughout the years.  

The membership wanted to offer a note of "THANKS" for your continued support in our efforts to put smiles on the faces of children suffering from life threatening illnesses from families in financial need.

Platinum Donors
Mr. & Mrs. David Sullivan
Gold  Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Horacio Clark
Mr. & Mrs. James Riley
Mr. & Mrs. William Dudley
Eli R. Roach
Alberto & Maritza Cornejo
Mr & Mrs. Enrique Loney
Mr. & Mrs. Humberto Hutchinson
Ernesto R. Scott
Ruperto R. Bailey
Pauline Farrell
Mr. & Mrs. Elwin Maitland
Evelia Hinds
James & Lillian Ottley
Celia Pascal-Waddy
Elsie Alvarez
Dilcia McLenan Brent
Ms. Myra A. Msibi
Mr. & Mrs. Basilio Brathwaite 

Silver Donors
Joyce H. Bailey
Jeanette Parkins
Dubois W. Andrews
Derla Brown Libby
Elicia G. Hunter
Alice Johnson
Denise N. Cockburn
Elsa Sanchez-Sullivan
Iris Pilgrim
Carmen A Shirley
Gloria A. Madison
Esther Y Moulton
Melida Y Evans
Elvia Morris
Helene D'Alessandro
Juana Brown
Ana Gale
Perla A. Beckford
Elsa McKenzie
Lindia M. Creighton
Pamela Beckles
Patricia A Wright
Carla Richards
Debora L. Hunte
Louis S Emanuel
Mr. & Mrs. Clemente Forbes
Marva Robinson
Dorothy Small
Ms. Juanita D. Mullins
Johny & Kay Niles
Edna V. Jefferson
Yolanda C. Kidd
Rosendo & Linda Darkins
Dacia L. McKenzie
Veronica Archibold
Kenneth O Davis
Sonia Ford
Claudette F. McClean
Maritza Clarke
Cecilia McKinnon McKay
K. Boyce
Juana Kentish

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